WARNING: High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Threat

HEMP Launch From Submarine, Image Credit

Putin is at it again. In fact, the Russian president used a meeting in Sochi dedicated to military development to hit out at America “and it’s allies” and insisted he would respond by developing weapon that would “penetrate any missile defense shield”.

He’s not fooling around, and neither should we…

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Today our Russian enemy is more prepared and more desperate than ever. For 25 years this fallen empire has constantly been shamed by the U.S. and its allies…

But ever since Putin rose to power, more than 15 years ago, Russia has been recuperating covertly, scheming new ways to get back into the game and take over the world.

Find out what precisely they've been up to and how it can utterly devastate America

Always aware… always prepared,
Michael Reed

P.S. The government isn’t preparing to save you or me, we have to save ourselves…
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“If you prepare for the worst and nothing happens, you’ve lost nothing… but if you prepare for nothing and the worst happens, you’ve lost everything.”
-Michael Reed