How To Survive An EMP Attack To The Grid

EMP Attack To The Grid, Image Credit

The shocking letter I recently read starts: “Don’t be fooled… WW3 won’t be fought between nations like the first two. And definitely NOT between the USA and Russia. They know the stakes and they’re not stupid enough to risk everything.”

I wondered just how this was possible and found my answer here…
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Forget the terrorist attacks in France and Germany… even 9/11… they’re nothing compared to THIS. In fact, the latest congressional EMP commission reveals the majority of our enemies are preparing to use THIS very weapon against us, on our very soil…
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Always aware… always prepared,
Michael Reed

P.S. I was amazed to realize just how easy it is to protect oneself and family from this very threat…
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“If you prepare for the worst and nothing happens, you’ve lost nothing… but if you prepare for nothing and the worst happens, you’ve lost everything.”
-Michael Reed